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nepeta walker's low spacing

Most Nepetas are thrifty plants that prosper in average, well-drained soils, and the majority offer deliciously fragrant, gray-green foliage and numerous spikes of small flowers, generally in the blue to purple range. Promote late Summer/Fall blooms by cutting back Mid-Summer when blooms begin to fade. Close this menu . Do you? This herbaceous perennial in the mint family (Lamiaceae) is hardy in zones 3-8. It offers the same long season of lavender-blue blossoms as its parent ‘Walker’s Low,’ but on a plant that reaches just about 18” tall. Botanical Name: Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low' Spacing: 2-3' Apart. Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker’s Low' is a variety of Catmint. I use hedge trimmers on my nepeta because it's so large and full. Estimated dates for shipping are indicated in the Shipping Details box for each item. The blue lavender color was lovely with the daisies and other nearby flowers. Produced by, Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low' - 72 per flat. Others cannot travel bareroot or transplant best if grown in containers. no (11 Reviews) Named for English garden Walker's Low. Drought resistant/drought tolerant perennial plant (xeric). The year I bought this, everything else I ordered died. Forms a neat low-growing mound that is perfect for the front of the border or edging a pathway. If your order is damaged or fails to meet your expectations, we will cheerfully replace or refund it. Nepeta faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’ The Perennial Plant Association has selected Nepeta faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’ as their Plant of the Year 2007. Buying six more to plant in a sunny, rocky-ish area close to the street. Soft, fragrant, gray-green foliage with sprays of large, distinct bluish purple flowers from April to October. "Walker's Low" catmint (Nepeta racemosa "Walker's Low") is a perennial member of the mint family. This herbaceous perennial in the mint family (Lamiaceae) is hardy in zones 3-8. Nepata faassenii We must point out that many perennials will not bloom the first year after planting, but will the following year, amply rewarding your patience. A rough shearing (cut stems back by about 2/3) after bloom keeps the plants' habit neat and will encourage some repeat bloom until frost. Its tidy habit is ideal for mixed containers, the perennial border, and along paths and walkways. It is an easy to grow, prolific bloomer that seems to be deer resistant. Edge a border or line a path with this low-mounding award winner. FABULOUS! Form: Compact, mounding perennial. Availability. Nepeta Walker's Low Blue. Offering a change of pace from the typical blue and lavender tones, this cultivar is blanketed by delicately scented snow white flowers from late spring to early fall. Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ is reported to be a chance seedling of Nepeta racemosa and Nepeta nepetella. The Perennial Plant Association selected Nepeta xfaassenii ‘Walker’s Low’ as their Plant of the Year 2007. FABULOUS! I bought this plant in 2016 for a sunny bed. My bees love this stuff - So I love this stuff.  Certified buyer, 48 of 48 people found this review helpful. When I purchased it from Home Depot, it was growing very nicely, not floppy at all but as soon as I planted it in my perennial bed, it became floppy. The foliage is grey-green, 1"-2" long, scalloped and fragrant. It was voted Perennial Plant of the Year in 2007 by the Perennial Plant Association. It grows well anywhere I move it to and spreads into nice tidy clumps quickly. Nepeta racemosa, commonly called catmint, is Native to the Caucusus and northern Iran. The non-reseeding progeny of 'Walker's Low'.

24-30" tall x 24-36" wide. Pollinators won’t leave it alone. P.O. The size of the pot is noted in the quick facts for each item. yes It's like an invisible fence! Size: 12-15" Tall x 24" Wide. We planted Walker's Low for the first time in Spring 2014, at the front of a new raised bed, in front of Shasta Daisies, near Black-eyed Susans and red Bee Balm. You may need to protect plants (especially the first season after planting) to prevent them from being mauled. Do you? Thriving in harsh conditions, this durable, rabbit and deer resistant perennial plant is an indispensable for use in xeriscapes. Now that we know how great Nepeta is, we will probably try more. Do you? no, 7 of 7 people found this review helpful. It pairs well with coreopsis and seems to make the bumblebees happy. yes Nepeta Junior Walker™ Nepeta Junior Walker™ PP23074 Catmint. Do you? We planted Walker's Low for the first time in Spring 2014, at the front of a new raised bed, in front of Shasta Daisies, near Black-eyed Susans and red Bee Balm. It bloomed nonstop April 'til frost! A member of the mint family, this Nepeta was chosen for its rich color and easy growing, waterwise ways. For some, this means a large, bareroot crown. A showy, pollinator-friendly plant with a growth habit similar to lavender, 'Walker's Low' Nepeta was the Perennial Plant of the year in 2007. Nepeta "Walker’s Low" was first introduced in Europe, in 1988. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-503-9624 or email us at [email protected]. 'Walker's Low' must be propagated by division because seeds are sterile. Walker’s Low catmint has soft gray-green foliage and forms a compact mound. They are durable, hardy, and pest free. Nepeta 'Walker's Low' is known for attracting bees, beneficial insects, butterflies / moths and other pollinators. Bees adore it. There's more to catmint (Nepeta spp.) It is one of the most consistent performers in my garden and I adore it. Tolerates drought. Please include your order number or customer number when contacting us.  Certified buyer, 21 of 22 people found this review helpful. Blue-green aromatic foliage contrasts nicely with the blue flowers and will deter deer and rabbits. no. We ship bulbs as dormant, bare bulbs, sometimes with some wood shavings or moss. We guarantee to ship plants that are in prime condition for growing. The plants were in excellent shape when we received them from White Flower Farm. Since 1950 we have been providing a wide range of perennials, annuals, bulbs, shrubs, vines, amaryllis, gardening tools & supplies, and gifts for gardeners. Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low' - 72 per flat. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. We ship our bulbs and plants at the right time for planting in your area, except as noted, with orders dispatched on a first-come, first-served basis by climate zone. It is a low-growing perennial that typically forms a spreading clump of decumbent, ascending and upright stems to 12” tall and 18” wide. 2007 Perennial Plant of the Year; long blooming with blue-lavender flowers atop silvery aromatic folaiage Zone: 4-9 H 18-24 Write a Review, 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Mrs. Patricia Taylor spotted the seedling in the lower part of a Mrs. Walker’s garden in Ireland during the 1970’s. Nepeta are a great perennial for their long blooming, drought tolerance, and ease of care. Clouds of bluey-mauve flowers form on silvery, aromatic foliage, blooming throughout the summer. F. Water Use: Regular water use. We invite you to browse our website, and to join our email list for special offers and useful gardening tips. Whenever you connect with nature, connect with us! Nepeta 'Walker's Low' and wildlife. no Plant Nepeta in full sun or partial shade, and in well-drained soil. Hardiness-30 To -20 Deg. We ship these perennials and annuals in 1 pint pots, except as noted. Cut plants back hard—to just a few inches tall—after the first wave of flowers to keep plants compact and to encourage repeat bloom. ‘Novanepjun’ PP 23,074 Nepeta ‘Joanna Reed’ Nepeta racemosa ‘Walker’s Low’ Nepeta grandiflora ‘Pool Bank’ Nepeta mussinii ‘Six Hills Gold’ Nepeta subsessilis Nepeta subsessilis ‘Blue Dreams’ Nepeta × faassenii Junior Walker The blue lavender color was lovely with the daisies and other nearby flowers. The name "Walker’s Low", supposedly refers to a place in England, not its growth habit. Do you? It bloomed nonstop April 'til frost! All contents © 2020 White Flower Farm All rights reserved. Exposure: Full Sun. Thank you WFF! Nepeta 'Walkers Low' is covered in sprays of 6" tall, pale lilac to deep violet flower spikes beginning late Spring and into the Fall. Spacing: Plant 3' apart Bloom Time: Early Summer to Late Summer Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Mostly Sunny Zones: 3-8 Find Your Zone: Soil Condition: Normal, Sandy Flower: Blue Mrs. Taylor took cuttings and the plant was introduced into the trade in 1988 by Four Seasons Nursery of Norwich, England. Hardy, drought-tolerant Walker's Low will thrive in just about any sunny spot, from back borders to rock gardens. This low-growing, compact catmint packs a punch of lavender-blue flowers from late spring through summer over aromatic blue-green foliage. Five years on, this plant is so huge I had to divide it out. Extremely floriferous and long blooming, this plant will be covered in lavender-blue flowers May through September. Shop Monrovia. For more information on the growing and care of Nepeta, click Growing Guide. Nepeta × faassenii 'Walker's Low' NEP-eh-tah ex fah-SEEN-ee-eye Audio This mound of lavender-blue flowers and aromatic, grayish green leaves up to 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide is great as edging or in a border, herb, or rock garden. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. ... Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low' Sku #6228. It’s a beauty but it does require a bit of controlling. Nepeta racemosa ‘Walker’s Low’ source Named “Perennial of the Year” in 2007, and one of the most reknowned catnip plants, the subspecies of nepeta Walkers Low offers an abundance of lavender-blue flowers spiking above its greyish-green leaves from mid-May through late September. Shipment begins in mid March 2021, depending on your zone. Plants don't tend to split in the center as other Nepetas do. As is expected from a Nepeta, "Walker’s Low" has soft, grey-green foliage, a long, repeat-blooming season and few problems or maintenance requirements. It was a hot, hot dry summer followed by a cold, cold winter. Monrovia's Walker's Low Catmint details and information. White Flower Farm® is a registered trademark of White Flower Farm, Inc. I have had good luck propagating this plant by division. Subscribe to enjoy gardening advice, email offers & more, Keep up with White Flower Farm on Social Media. The prolific flowering of Walker’s Low catmint’s (Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low') soft purple blossoms provides a beautiful color contrast to warm autumn shades, ... spacing 2'–3’ apart. Buy Nepeta x faassenii 'Junior Walker' from Sarah Raven: A more compact, easier-to-contain variety than ‘Six Hills Giant’ but still a top ranking pollinator plant, stuffed with nectar. yes Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low' Common name: Catmint; Zone: 3,4,5,6,7,8; Sun exposure: Sun; Delivery: See schedule; Ship form: 1 quart; Soil type: Normal,Sandy; Soil moisture: Dry,Average Height x width: 18-24" X 24" Flower color: Blue; Foliage color: Grey-green; Bloom season: Late spring-fall; Uses: It is a caterpillar food … We guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back. Low Maintenance and Easy to Grow These plants love the sun, so don't worry about planting in areas that don't get much shade. Bees adore it. Recent concern over the dwindling bee population is prompting many gardeners to add bee-friendly plants, like catmint, to their garden in an attempt to create safe havens for these essential pollinators. no Nepeta Junior Walker™ 'Novanepjun' PP23074 catmint . Nepeta - Catmints : Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Sun : Season of Interest: Summer (Early,Mid,Late) Fall: Height: 1' – 2' (30cm – 60cm) Spread: 2' – 3' (60cm – 90cm) Spacing: 24" – 36" (60cm – 90cm) Water Needs: Low : Maintenance: Low : Soil Type: Chalk, Clay, Loam : Soil pH: Acid, Alkaline, Neutral : Soil Drainage: Moist but Well-Drained, Well-Drained : Characteristics ‘Walker’s Low’ can easily reach 2 ½ to 3' tall and equally as wide, in warm areas. Junior Walker™ is a sterile, dwarf form of Walker's Low. The year I bought this, everything else I ordered died. yes Item Usage: Good mixed, herbaceous border perennial. Average Customer Rating: I'm having the same problem with my Walker's Low, it's flopping all over the place. Growth: Fast. We also offer gardening advice and how-to information to gardeners throughout the United States.  Certified buyer, 8 of 8 people found this review helpful. These catmint plants can easily reach 30 inches in height from ground to top of flower stalk, and … It grows well anywhere I move it to and spreads... Like others in this genus, 'Walker's Low' offers delicately hairy gray-green leaves with a tangy, fresh fragrance that a friend calls "spicy mint." Like Catnip, the best-known member of the genus, Nepetas may send felines into a frenzy. Cats are almost as enamored of Catmints as they are of Catnip (which belongs to the same genus). than catnip (Nepeta cataria). It flourishes in our very poor clay soil and is very drought tolerant. SIZE. Sku #40485. Junior Walker™ Catmint Nepeta x faassenii 'Novanepjun' PP #23,074. yes Periwinkle-blue flowers bloom in early summer and provide nectar for butterflies and bees. Clouds of small purplish blue flowers are carried on 8–9″ spikes for several weeks in midsummer. White Flower Farm is a family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern Connecticut. This herbaceous perennial in the mint family (Lamiaceae) is hardy in zones 3-8. Hydrangea paniculata Lavalamp™ Moonrock™, Campanula persicifolia 'Grandiflora Alba', Click here to read more reviews about this item (11 total). A sterile dwarf form of Walker's Low Catmint. The size of the plants we ship has been selected to reduce the shock of transplanting. Cut back hard in winter or early spring to maintain a … Walker’s Low catmint is as tough and easy to grow as they come. White Flower Farm • 1-800-503-9624, Blackmore & Langdon Begonias & Delphiniums, Customer-Favorite Annual Container Designs, All Preplanned Gardens & Plant Collections, Discounted Gift Certificates Available Now, Add a $50 Gift Card to Your Bouquet or Gift Set for Just $25. The common name for the genus Nepeta – catmint – comes from the attractiveness to cats of the aromatic volatiles Nepeta 'Walker's Low' (Faassenii Group) Common Name Walker's Low Ornamental Catmint Bloom Spring Color Blue Family Lamiaceae Height 15-18" Hardy to Zone 4 Light Sun/Part Shade Spacing 24" Plants A through C Plants D through G Plants H through L Plants M through P Plants Q through T Plants U through Z Filtered Search ©2019 Van Berkum Nursery . If you want to repel deer, plant Walker's Low Nepeta around the border of your yard. It flourishes in our very poor clay soil and is very... My bees love this stuff - So I love this stuff. I bought this plant in 2016 for a sunny bed. Noteworthy Characteristics. The Perennial Plant Association has named Nepeta 'Walker's Low' Perennial Plant of the Year for 2007. Neutral: On Jan 29, 2007, Illoquin from Indianapolis, IN (Zone 5b) wrote: 'Walker's Low' is a garden, not a … Shrubs, Roses, vines, and other woody plants may be shipped bareroot or in pots. Box 50, Route 63 ~ Litchfield, Connecticut 06759 ~ 1-800-503-9624 The foliage of N. nervosa lacks the spicy scent produced by the leaves of the other Catmints and is probably less attractive to cats. Please refer to the Shipping Details box to determine the earliest shipping time. 10 to 12 inches tall, 18 to 24 inches wide. A superb compact selection with finely textured, aromatic, gray-green foliage and soft, lavender flower spikes on a low, spreading habit. Nepeta Walker's Low (Walker's Low Catmint) is a robust variety with dark lavender-blue flowers in late spring and aromatic gray-green foliage. ‘Walker’s Low’ catmint. Please supply a street address for delivery. Our soil blend might have been a bit too rich, as the plants flopped a bit, but they're already growing again after the very tough winter we just got through. Compact, prolific and beautiful! Follow. Kindly contact us with two weeks notice, if you'll be away at expected time of delivery.

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