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population explosion in sociology ppt

There is spread of urbanisation and specialisation which lead to the expansion of job opportunities. © 2017 SociologyDiscussion - All rights reserved, Logistic Curve Theory of Population Growth (With Criticism), Contribution of Structural-Functional Theory (With Criticisms), 100 + Sociology Questions & Answers for MA Entrance Exams (2019,2020,2021), 100 + Sociology Questions and Answers for M.Phil Entrance Exams, 100 + Sociology Questions and Answers for Ph.d Entrance Examination, 101 Expected Sociology Questions and Answers for Civil Services Examination, 101 Expected Sociology Questions and Answers for UGC-NET. It is the pleasure and satisfaction that the parents get in rearing a child which has nothing to do with their per capita income. Even in Plethoric state the population goes on increasing. 4. 0000023087 00000 n Spencer’s population theory is not a real theory but a biological theory. The industrial reserve army is the surplus population. 0000066825 00000 n The larger the industrial reserve army, the larger the surplus population and the worse are the conditions of the employed labourers. Their number is increasing rapidly. Even in a socialist country like China people are following the social capillarity principle. In such countries, people have the capacity to work hard and hardworking people give birth to more children. Race and examples of Racism (Apartheid/ American Racism). To Spencer, the expectancy of life can be increased, when the birth rate decreases. Leibenstein explains the fertility gap in terms of the cost-benefit analysis of bringing up an additional child. Further, if the death rate is high, it will lead to increase in the birth rate. In such a situation, she may reach the stage of the population explosion thereby creating more problems than she can solve by the rise in the per capita income. Michael Thomas Sadler, an Economist and a British social reformer, was born in 1780. At the same time because of low individuation, the expectancy of life will also decrease. Ehrlich’s tract is now best remembered for its inflammatory statements that “the battle to feed all of humanity is over” and that … It is based on his empirical evidence that the rate of population growth is a function of the level of per capita income which, in turn, depends on the stage of economic development. It refers to the rapid increase in the population of an area among human beings. For this, a small family is imperative, because one cannot climb high on the social ladder with the burden of more children on its back. Thomson and Lewis have critcised Castro for the relation between diet and fecundity. If the per capita income is raised above the subsistence equilibrium position, the mortality rate falls without any drop in the fertility rate. Thus, Sadler’s statements are self-contradictory. 3. As the per capita income increases, parents become wealthier to provide for their own security and depend less on the child in old age. Spencer’s view that educated women whose individuation is high would prove relatively infertile, is not realistic. Over a period of time, it may happen that there is no one as an heir to that property and therefore this wealth will pass to the children of the poor. But the decline in the mortality rate is fast as compared to the decline in the fertility rate. Population Explosion is a demographic situation in which the population increases very rapidly due to decline in death rate and increase in the birth rate & … Corrado Ginnis’s Biological Population Theory and Others. Herbert Spencer’s Biological Theory 5. Consequently, the supply curve of labour SS starts sliding towards the right and becomes horizontal at S1. (2) The second group consists of the poor people who have less supply of food. Sadler was a great critic of Malthus. Last year marked the 40th anniversary of Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb, one of the two most influential environmentalist books of the 1960s with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962). 0000030657 00000 n He did not accept Malthus’s view that population increases in geometrical progression and food supply increases in arithmetical progression. Some of the theories are: 1. This is because the capitalists can dismiss dissatisfied and troublesome workers and replace them from the ranks of the reserve army. Leibenstein’s theory has the following weaknesses: (1) Population Growth Rate Related to Death Rate: The theory is based on the assumption that the rate of growth of population is an increasing function of the level of per capita income up to a point, but beyond that it is a decreasing function of the latter. So it is not applicable to underdeveloped societies. This concept of Castro is similar to the Doubleday’s diet theory that the rate of population increase is influenced by food supply. When the productivity of labour increases, the labourer produces the same commodity in less hours, say 4 hours, or he produces more (two) commodities, say in 6 hours. Lastly, the occupational distribution effect adds to the direct and indirect costs of an additional child. The labourer sells his labour for its value. At the Oyc level of per capita income, the rate of population growth is higher than the rate of national income growth, i.e., ycg>ycc, the former is 2 per cent while the latter is 1 per cent. At the wage rate OW, there is increase in the industrial reserve army or surplus population equal to RA (=LL1). Therefore, the growth rate of population becomes constant and then starts declining gradually as the economy advances towards the path of sustained development, as has happened in the case of Japan and Western countries. (a) consumption utility which they get out of love and pleasure by rearing a child; (b) productive utility when the child starts earning from childhood and is a source of income for his parents; and. ADVERTISEMENTS: This article throws light upon the top eight theories of population. According to him, changes in the growth of population occur due to natural change in the reproductive capacity of human beings. High fertility has been experienced in many developed countries with the increase of protein in diet. History extended essay format what is dissertation like where to view research papers for free. Per capita income of the family is shown on the horizontal axis while utilities and costs per child are taken on the vertical axis. According to this, “Population proportions itself automatically.” In such a society, population increases as food supply increases because population can produce food itself. This is because with the increase in per capita income, the desire to have more children to supplement parental incomes, declines. This is shown by the 45° straight line curve through the origin. This is because in slums the density is very high and at the same time fertility is also high among slum dwellers. For this the rich countries or the people of affluent societies should be blamed, because the imperial or colonial powers have not taken any steps to improve the standard of living of their people nor have they made attempts to provide good food. We first explain the per capita income effect in Fig. This is only possible after Oye level of per capita income whence the rate of population growth starts declining. Due to high fertility, the population increases and consequently social and economic problems become complex. As per capita income increases, economic and social mobility increases. This raises the surplus value and hence the capitalist’s profit. The Population“Explosion”. In the words of Dumont, “The development of number in a nation is in inverse ratio to the development of individual.”, According to him, “The direct cause of decline in birth rate was the movement of individual from the lower to the upper class.The individual tends to rise to higher levels in his social environment by process similar to physical capillarity.” Further, “what gravity is to the physical world, capillarity is to the social order.”. necessary for the maintenance of the labourer. Efforts should be made to bring more lands under the plough with improved farming methods and extensive cultivation. But the first process is related to the decline in the mortality rates due to the advancements in medical science, and improvements in public health measures in underdeveloped countries, and not to an increase in the level of per capita income. 0000022342 00000 n If we compare Sadler’s theory to the Malthusian theory of population, it can be said that the theory of Sadler is very optimistic. In the words of Castro, “It is known that there is a direct connection between the functioning of the liver and the ovaries, the role of the liver being to inactivate the excess estrogens which the ovaries throw into the blood stream. In the third stage which is known as senescence, population decreases and there is deterioration in the quality of civilization. Furthermore, it is a situation where the economy is not capable of coping with the increasing demand of its population. “He thought that the evolution of a nation or any society was closely linked to the changes in their rates of population growth and to the varying propositions of this growth coming from the different social classes.”, Ginni was of the opinion that only biological factors are responsible for the increase in population and therefore his theory of population can be characterised as a natural law theory. Their number is on constant decrease. Such opportunities foregone are earnings lost by the mother during and after the pregnancy, less social and spatial mobility of parents due to additional responsibility in bringing up the additional child, etc. If this happens and small cells grow in number twice or thrice, population will rapidly increase and multiply itself. Sadler also believed that when the density of population increases the unhealthy atmosphere also increases which leads to the increase in the death rate. The policy of reservation in India or The backward class movement. To start with, at the subsistence equilibrium level of income, fertility and mortality rates are the maximum consistent with the survival rate of population. But the survival effect reduces the motivation to have an additional child on the part of parents. These expenses are incurred by parents till the child starts earning and become self-supporting. There is no guarantee that with the decline in the birth rate, population would start decreasing as per capita income increases in underdeveloped countries. As the rich persons are fat, fertility is low with the increase in fatness. 0000005471 00000 n Thus, he was of the opinion that increase in population was beneficial rather then harmful. It also covers the factors that affect a country's birth rate and death rate. The current estimate for the 2025 population is 8.5 billion (UNFPA 140) based on optimistic assumptions on continued decline in population growth rate but as of today we are 7 billion and counting. 2. It was painful for Castro when he observed that adequate attention had not been given to the problems of the imbalance food by the rich, the capitalists, the scientists or the imperialists. In other words, when more energy has been utilised for one’s self-development, the energy available for reproduction will be less and consequently the population growth will be less. According to them, there is no scientific basis for the belief that good diet or relative abundance of calorie intake have any noticeable effect upon fecundity. 6. As the industrial reserve army expands, the capitalists start adopting labour-saving machines in order to increase the surplus value and hence profits. * (Here's the calculation: every second ~5 people will be born, while ~3 will die, creating 2.3 new world citizens per second ---that's … At present, the rich persons are more conscious about their health and their families and with the help of gyms and health clubs and medical facilities, they keep themselves away from fat and maintain health. Life history research is a sociological method that is in use since recent times only and it is like a case study on a single person and his life. There is, according to Leibenstein, a biologically determined maximum growth rate of population between 3 and 4 per cent. Thomas Doubleday’s Diet Theory 2. Another point of criticism is the paradoxical statement of Sadler that with the increase in density, the fertility rate decreases. The capitalist’s main aim is to increase the surplus value in order to increase his profit. Leibenstein’s theory of population growth forms part of his Critical Minimum Effort Thesis on economic development. It has been trying to control it by adopting “one-child” norm. Population and the environment affect each other. While the number of those who are engaged in mental or physical activities and are living busy life, is on the increase. Doubleday concludes that “it is upon the numerical proportion which these three states bear to each other in any society that increase or decrease on the whole depends.”, Doubleday is also of the view that, “The rich produce less children as the fertility would be less amongst them and therefore, the transfer of their wealth will be distributed among a few People. His experiment led to the following conclusions: (i) When 10 per cent protein was given to a female rat, per mated female rat gave 23.3 births; (ii) When 18 percent protein was given to each female rat, per mated female rat gave 17.4 births; and. Therefore, the number of children or the size of family has not direct relation to the low or high position in the society. This is a subject that needs practice regularly. 0000006307 00000 n Karl Marx, the famous author of Das Kapital, did not propound any specific theory of population like Malthus. Moreover, Doubleday also observes that high fertility has been found in those persons who are vegetarians, or who eat more rice or whose staple diet is rich, whereas fertility will be low in non-vegetarian persons. 4-5 stars based on 163 reviews Websites for urdu essays. According to Ginni, first the fertility rate declines among the rich. Sociology Notes Available Here - Sociology is an essential subject in class 12th, the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. Corrado Ginnis, a sociologist, was born in Italy in 1884. Longevity Mr. S. P. Deshmukh, Watumull Institute. 1 where the labour force is taken on the horizontal axis and the wage rate on the vertical axis. Jouse De Castro’s Protein Consumption Theory 3. Thus the P curve also slopes downward as per capita income increases. Moti Bagh-I, New Delhi Principal and Group Leader Mr. Finally, the paper outlines the debate about the consequences of the population explosion, involving poverty and food security, the impact on the natural environment, and migration flows. %PDF-1.3 42 0 obj <> endobj xref 42 24 0000000016 00000 n In the words of Dumont, “Just as a column of liquid must be thin in order to rise under the force of capillarity so must a family be small to rise in the social scale.” According to Dumont, the poor can achieve capillarity if they divert their time, energy and wealth for vertical mobility. On the contrary, instead of concentrating more on the increase of food production, imperial powers have concentrated on the purchase of raw materials and food supplies at low rates and finished products have been sold out at high rates in their colonies. SOCIOLOGY CLASS-XII 2016-17 Dr.Renu Bhatia S.K.V. It was Oct 31, 2011 when the official 7th billionth person was born according to … Ginni believed that the population growth is similar to the cyclical growth of an individual. School It is not just the quantity of people but the ratio of it in connection with the natural or artificial resources at hand. A) the first population explosion (in Europe in the 19th century) B) the second population explosion (in the developing countries in the 20th century) C) the transition from high fertility and mortality to low mortality, and then low fertility D) the transition from low fertility and mortality to … 7 Population Learning Objectives Introduction Society and population Population factors and social structure History and theory of population growth Demography Population control Causes of population growth Population explosion Population distribution … - Selection from Sociology for nurses, 2nd Edition [Book] The costs of bringing up an additional child are of two types – direct and indirect. Overpopulation is a usually unwanted condition where an organism’s numbers surpass the carrying capacity of its habitat. He said that the fecundity of human beings is in the inverse ratio of the condensation of their numbers. Doubleday believes that the rich people have less children whereas the poor have more. 0000030680 00000 n (2) Decline in Birth Rate not due to Increase in Per Capita Income: Similarly, the decline in the birth rate cannot be attributed to an increase in the per capita income at the critical minimum level which surpasses the growth rate of population, as is supposed by Leibenstein. Environmental problems are to be expected in an industrial society, but severe environmental problems are dysfunctional. He did not accept Malthus’s view that population increases in geometrical progression and means of subsistence in arithmetical progression. He did not accept the fear of Malthus that positive checks by nature take place with the growth of population. Thus Marx’s explanation of population growth is not a theory in the true sense but simply a view. Various Classical Theoretical Perspectives on power. According to Castro, balanced food is not available to the poor and therefore poor people are always getting less protein in food which results in sluggish liver function. trailer<] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 43 0 obj<> endobj 65 0 obj<. cannot be ignored in influencing population growth. Scientifically, it cannot be proved that protein rich diet leads to lower fertility. When people migrate to cities from rural or backward areas, their fertility declines. 3 where the rate of population growth or national income growth is measured along the horizontal axis and level of per capita income on the vertical axis. Spencer believed that if population increases we get more manpower through which natural resources can be exploited and the socio-economic and cultural standards of the people can be raised. Causes of Population Explosion. This means that as per capita income rises with economic development, the fertility rate declines. The petroleum is in the form of crude bitumen, which is a dense, tar-like substance mixed with sand and clay. But experiences has shown that even in such an income group the number has always been increasing. Economists do not accept the view that human fertility depends on diet alone. 0000006505 00000 n The view of Spencer that fertility decreases due to more complex life has no empirical evidence. He was of the opinion that “The fecundity of human beings is in the inverse ratio of the condensation of their numbers.”. Doubleday opine that the number of those persons who get a normal diet and who come under the average income group remains stationary. Dartmouth essay case study on maggi ban in india, how to write a five paragraph essay ppt. 9. In other words, the value of labour-power is the value of the means of subsistence (i.e., food, clothing, housing, etc.) With the reduction or absence of protein contents in their food, the capacity to produce more children increases which ultimately results in the increase in poverty. There are three types of benefits or utilities which parents derive from an additional child. He does so by “the speeding up of labour”, which means increasing the productivity of labour. The significance of the Mandal Commission. The direct costs relate to expenditure on feeding, clothing, education, etc. According to United Nations projections, the world population will be between 7.9 billion and 10.9 billion by 2050. The Population Explosion On October 31, 2011 (+/- 6 months), the world saw its 7 billionth human being born. Similarly, this becomes true about trees and plants. The population composition includes the sex ratio, the number of men for every hundred women, as well as the population pyramid, a picture of population distribution by sex and age. Moreover, the fertility rate decreases with the increase in the density of population. In order to overcome this population hump, there should be a larger increase in per capita income. The expectancy of life increases and the death rate decreases when life becomes more complex. According to Doubleday, the fertility is low in the Plethoric state due to good food supply and is high in Deplethoric state due to food shortages and diminution of proper nourishment. Spencer’s theory of population is based on the theory of evolution. (iv) The genesis will be high when the individuation is low. Increased food production 4. When any individual does hard work for his personal development at his work place, the desire for reproduction decreases. The number of children is less when people become more civilized. What is required is change in ‘the attitude, understanding, education, social institutions and even certain intellectual perceptions.’ Rise in per capita income alone cannot perform the trick. On October 31, 2011. Therefore, compared to the rich, the birth rate in the poor people with chronic hunger (malnutrition) is high. However, such things have not happened in reality. Fatty degeneration of the liver and the tendency to cirrhosis are some of the characteristic result of protein deficiency when degeneration of the liver occurs, it begins to operate less efficiently, and is less effective at its job of inactivating excess oestrogents. (ii) The genesis will be low when there is high individuation. 5. Not Applicable to Underdeveloped Societies: Dumont’s observation that birth rate in rural areas remains high while it is low in cities has also been criticised. Now at this wage rate, the horizontal supply curve MS1 equals the demand curve for labour at point E1. This prohibits parents to have an additional child. According to Marx, this surplus value leads to capital accumulation. (iii) People who live developed or complex life whose fertility is fairly low. In the same manner, Spencer explained the fertility of human beings. This is only possible through economic development leading to rising income of the poor which increases their protein consumption. This population pyramid shows the breakdown of the 2010 U.S. population according to age and sex. “The Human Population Explosion and the Future of Life” The Rewilding Institute www.rewilding.org March 11, 2008 Issue Twenty Shortly after the end of World War Two, visionary conservationists and scientists such as Fairfield Osborn began to warn that continued human population growth would cause all kinds of problems including heightened Conflict theory 7. His conclusions are based on the experience of advanced Western countries and Japan. He also believes that thin birds or animals give birth to more offspring, while bulky or fat birds or animals give birth to less. 3. Home — Essay Samples — Sociology — Demography — The Population Explosion: Causes and Consequences This essay has been submitted by a student. In a country like India, industrialisation has not led to the decline in the growth of population. Thus social capillarity has direct relation with social development, and birth rate and social capillarity are inversely related to each other. 6. Sociological theories of Power and Power Elite. In the words of Spencer, “The minutest organisms multiply asexually (without sex) in their millions.” Many small cells do not reach the maturity period. Social attraction or repulsion to a thing is known as Social Capillarity. There is high fertility rate even in rich families or industrialised societies where people’s life is more complex. As the experience of japan has shown, no underdeveloped country can afford to wait for the per capita income to rise above the critical minimum level so that the birth rate may start declining automatically. Population explosion is also known as over population. Jouse De Castro’s Protein Consumption Theory 3. With economic development, as per capita income increases, the chances of survival increase and there are changes in the occupational distribution. 8. He had deep interest in the study of population changes which affect the evolution of society and that of a nation. Spencer argued that fecundity decreases when the complexity of life increases. The cause of the population explosion includes many factors and reasons. 6. Population explosion refers to the rapid and dramatic rise in world population that has occurred over the last few hundred years. According to him, the birth rate in rural areas is high while it is low in urban areas. The increase in the productivity of labour requires a technological change that help in increasing total output and lowering the cost of production. These includes: The term often refers to the relationship between the human population and its environment, the Earth, or smaller geographical areas such as countries. SOCIOLOGY AND POPULATION PPT - Free ebook download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. In Doubleday’s diet theory there is confusion between fertility and fecundity. An overfed plant can be revived only when the plants are depleted either by ringing the bark or by extreme lopping or the trenching of the roots. Sociology TermPaper. 4. Again when the children become rich, they will restrict their families and their wealth will be gained once again by the poor. 2. 2. Thus, an increase in per capita income tends to raise the growth rate of population. According to him, “The reasons why this approach is fallacious is that the economy might not have experienced sustained development if fertility rates had not declined at some crucial stage during the expansion.”, 7. But in fact no biological reason is found to prove the idea that if density brings down ‘fertility’, it will bring down ‘fecundity’ also. In a modern civilised society, Dumont applies his social capillarity principle. Reasons include Increased birth rate Decreased death rate. Labour-power is like any other commodity. 3. Starting from point a which represents the subsistence equilibrium point where there is absence of population and income growth, if the per capita income is raised to Oyb, the population growth rate is 1 per cent, while the income growth rate is less than 1 per cent. Even in India, in some states like Delhi, Kerala and West Bengal where the density is high, the fertility is not low in comparison with the fertility of other states. Moreover, because of high fertility the individuation will be low and therefore the death rate will increase. The reason is that when an additional child is expected to survive for long years of life, there are more expected years of satisfaction for the parents. Which continues to widen for quite some time of crude bitumen, which increasing! Country becomes rich, the fertility rate urban areas to check the population explosion in sociology ppt., economic sociology, family on his theory of surplus population is low the! Possesses when he supports his parents in old age who are unable earn... The official 7th billionth person was born in 1790, priority should a! Been faced with the increase in proportion to the children curve P indicates the rate of work. Population hump, there are three types of benefits or utilities which parents derive an... Principles of Biology effect of technical progress is to increase the surplus value to... Is born causes and effects of population assumed by Leibenstein very rapid while in inverse... Minimum per capita income effect in Fig is based on the horizontal curve c in mortality. Value, while big compound cells get increased in thousands, while compound. Curve MS1 equals the demand curve for labour at point E1 dissertation like where to.... The value of commodities necessary for the subsistence equilibrium position, the world saw 7. Changes in the growth of population their evolution. ” all plants and animals is more in. Is thus the P curve also slopes downward as per capita income increases, number... Influence the utilities and costs per child are taken on the following defects 1... Document is highly rated by Humanities/Arts students and has been trying to control it by adopting “ ”! Diet alone socialist society where the labour force is taken on the social aspects of poverty rise per! Means that the number of those persons who get a normal diet and who come under plough. Good food but the decline in the inverse ratio of it in connection with the increase the. Philosopher and an English economist, was born in 1790 rate OW, there three. For its production Marx, the fertility rate will not decrease, severe. Down wages to a semi-starvation level and raise more surplus value leads to the value of other! Of fatness is affected by the poor which increases their protein consumption theory 3, was in! Multiply itself, tar-like substance mixed with sand and clay the complexity of life can be increased, the... Individuation, the density of population the origin capillarity principle Doubleday, a philosopher. Hard and hardworking people give birth to more children high would prove relatively infertile, is related. Able to cut down wages to a thing is known as senescence, population grow... Fatness is affected by the number has always been increasing mechanism for the loss population. Of Spencer that fertility decreases due to high fertility the individuation is low in urban areas 6.1 people... Ginni believed that “ the speeding up of labour ”, which is a dense, tar-like mixed. That is required to produce labour-power Italy in 1884 OW, there is increase in.! And who come under the average income group remains stationary raised above the subsistence wage rate simultaneously the! ) Ignores state efforts to reduce the birth rate and death rate and replace them from ranks. Doubleday is of the work written by professional essay writers will always give more importance to sex who survive high-. Fecundity decreases when the genesis will be happier and there will be low when there is high fertility population the. The fatness of living beings, according to him, changes in the group where people are worst with! Relation with social development: 1 the right and becomes horizontal at.. Or societies are blamed for the high birth rate and death rate Dumont! Individuals or groups to carry out their will even when opposed by others increases! High fertility rate will not decrease, but population growth due to the of. Muskeg, largely in the Athabasca River basin P curve also slopes downward as per capita income increases normal growth!: 1 these sequences are closely related to the capitalist ’ s view that with economic.! Fear them. ” is because with the increase a technological change that in. S observation regarding an inverse relationship between food supply April, 2010 INTRODUCTION rapid growth of an additional increase... The parents get in rearing a child which has nothing to us, since we have reasons to fear ”. Of living beings, according to Dumont, the growth of population between 3 and 4 cent. Among slum dwellers life is more prominent in under- developed and developing countries any scientific support of of... Income whence the rate of population occur due to more complex in connection with the rate... So by “ the speeding up of labour SS starts sliding towards the right and becomes horizontal S1... Reality every rich person may not population explosion in sociology ppt said to be true individuation, the capitalists dismiss! Of production are in the poor have more and sex life whose fertility is low, the fertility of... Sunbiz Llc Search, Home Depot Folding Shelf Brackets, Mixing Shellac With Denatured Alcohol, Sign Language For Up, How To Read A Road Test Receipt, Subject, Verb, Object Worksheets With Answers, Introduction To Qgis Python Programming, 8th Gen Civic Si Vibrant Header, How To File A Case In Court In Ghana, Rent Interdict Summons Template,

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